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Pip Squeak turns two


Today my little Pip Squeak is two.  We got back from Europe on Tuesday and despite my very best efforts not to have Pip’s birthday be a stereotypical third baby last minute job I’ve still got a sleeve to knit on his sweater, I fell asleep trying to stay up and finish his birthday video for a post on Thursday and I have birthday portraits but not birthday words (yet).  He’s had a wonderful day and so I’m certain he’ll never really mind if his birthday day turns into a birthday weekend, and after I tucked him sleepily into his bed tonight, I came downstairs to have a little look at what he’s been up to over the last year.

I so often find myself looking at him and wondering just when he got so big, there’s no trace of the baby in the little boy who sang happy birthday to himself today anymore, and seeing him every day it feels like his babyhood may have scampered off in the night.  But looking back, I can see exactly when it was, it was the year when he was one:

Elma Family Kitty Photography Pip The 52 Project

34/52 {the 2016 portraits}


Linking up with Jodi with a portrait of each of my children once every week for 2016. All iPhone photos this week:


Kitty: Happiness is swinging in the sunshine in the English Gardens in Munich. You are, as your t-shirt says, a very happy camper and you seem to have grown up so much while we’ve been away. Gone is the little girl who needed pushing on the swing or who was timid about jumping in a pool; you soar to the heights and spent most of this week plunging into a lake at the first opportunity!


Elma: that’s one very intense game of leaf pooh sticks you’re playing there and neither the fact that the leaves kept sinking nor the bikes hurtling across your path could distract you from your game. It’s lovely to see such focus but you really are going to have to start noticing a few bikes!


Pip: my favourite photo of this week and probably of our adventures so far and definitely your favourite spot. This is the beach at lake Walchensee, our tent is maybe five metres behind you and you are in your element in the shallows, picking up rocks and throwing them in for a loud plop. You called it “‘tones” and any time we left the tent, this is what you wanted to be doing!

Elma Family Kitty Photography Pip Siblings

Siblings 2016: August



This month my Siblings post is brought to you from the road (which also explains why it’s a bit late getting loaded because we had very dodgy phone reception at the last campsite). I started writing this sat on the tent field of our favourite Black Forest campsite, H next to me with Pip fast asleep on his back after a mammoth day’s walking, and Kitty and Elma are paddling in the stream. It’s one of those picture postcard moments that made us so keen to come back to this crazy adventure sort of holiday again.


So this month is my adventurous Siblings post, though the story it tells isn’t just about pretty backdrops (though the Black Forest has proved very good for those!), it’s about these three little people learning to be a full time three again.

It’s funny, as soon as school finished, the girls in particular were so excited to be back together again, they were practically counting down the days. And yet when it came to it they found they’d forgotten how to be together all of the time and all of the days.


Kitty is used to spending her days with other four and five year olds who understand the games she wants to play, get their shared references, and don’t mind playing assembly all day long, and Elma has learnt to step out of her sister’s shadow and has her own relationship with Pip in which she’s the big sister.  Learning how those two parts of themselves slot back together into our family as a whole has taken time and a fair few fights and grumpy moments.


Camping and travelling seems to have brought us peace; taking them away from the noise of real life, back to simplicity, and to each other.  Something that their brother is very please to see as he always seems slightly bemused by their strops, and then all too keen to copy them.

They’ve looked for fish in the stream that runs through the village, and found them, black against the green moss, climbed up onto the bike trails to look down from among the trees, and sat in camp drawing and all trying to colour in the same picture on a quiet rainy morning.


At Mummelsee they found a flower sculpture and the promise that if you can find the flower along the shores of the see you’ll be rewarded with special powers, and decided that hugging it was the next best thing.

And finally, and then I’m going to post this before we drive through another tunnel, my favourite of all of the pictures I have of the three of them, from a very rainy day in Stuttgart.  They all loved the water fountains (of which there are many), and even the pouring rain couldn’t tear them away from this one.

Two little sisters, and their brother too, in Germany, in August.


The Me and Mine Project

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Elma Family Kitty Photography Pip The 52 Project

33/52 {the 2016 portraits}


Linking up with Jodi with a portrait of each of my children once every week for 2016. All iPhone photos this week:


Kitty: taking a picture of your Daddy and me in front of a fountain. I love that you wanted to take pictures, I can’t wait to see how it turns out, and I do like that your pigeon chasing sister makes an appearance in the background.


Elma: it’s not just your Mama who had Le Crucet envy at the site of this monster – although I don’t think it would fit on our camp stove – or in the car for that matter.  I agree it would make a pretty good spag bol though! image

Pip: my little adventurer.  Why be carried when you could walk, or walk when you could run! You are loving being on holiday and having all of us together again, even though you are certain that you are the only one who should ever be cuddling your Mama.


Family Photography Pip

Pip Squeak and the new trousers


Like all of us, I enter competitions with much more hope than expectation, and quite often not even that much hope, it’s just for a bit of fun, which makes it all the lovelier on the very very rare occasion when I actually win.

I entered the Little Buttons Boutique giveaway because I happened to see it on Facebook on the way to work, and then got two lovely days, the first when there was a message to say I’d actually won, and the second when a little purple parcel plopped through the letterbox. 20160809-DSC_0149

Just perfect for my little Pip Squeak; a pair of Blade & Rose leggings in rainbow stripes with a cloud on the bottom.

We’ve had Blade &Rose leggings before; I think I bought a couple of pairs in a sale one summer when Elma was little and she rocked pink cupcakes and zebra stripes until it was time to pass them down to Pip, who passed on the pink cupcakes, but looked very sweet as a zebra.  They’re more stretchy than ordinary jersey leggings, which is really great for getting tiny legs down them in the smaller sizes, and warm and cosy when they’re on. 20160809-DSC_0126

I love leggings for little ones, they give them so much more room for manoeuvre than something more solid like jeans, so they can run and stretch and wriggle to their hearts content, and Pip has built up an impressive collection, though he’s now on the cusp of growing out of most of them (oh the calamity of having to choose some more!) 20160809-DSC_0112

This pair are size 3-4, which is indeed the clothes size that my charming one year old is growing into; they’re not sizing small, if anything they’re on the more generous size, he’s just a giant.  They’re a little long in the leg for him right now but now so much as they look completely silly and by the depths of winter they’ll be the perfect fit. 20160809-DSC_0098

The biggest challenge for really brightly coloured leggings is finding something to match on top, but with navy, turquoise, red and yellow stripes and green cuffs, there’s a lot to choose from.  A quick rifle through Pip’s drawers and we found that my favourite of this summer’s t-shirts was the perfect match.  It came as part of a set of three from Mothercare and I love it both for the colours and the sentiment. 20160809-DSC_0090

Pip decided to put this new outfit to the test in his traditional manner; by checking whether you can play golfball/hockey/stick in it, and from the looks of things it passed with full marks.

Ian Poulter eat your heart out! 20160809-DSC_0116

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