Much as I love pushing Kitty on the swings, putting in some serious oomph to get her higher and every gigglingly higher, that’s not my everyday ordinary for today.  For today I want to crystalise not the big flying loops that we all remember from childhood (and in my case, last week on the big saucer swing), but tiny gentle rocking, soft as breath; the little nudges back and forth that mark Elma’s introductions to the playground.

Initially she’s just happy enough to be liberated from the buggy, but when we get nearer to the swings her feet start to kick and the overenthusiastic penguin impression comes to the fore.


She’s not swinging further than the edges of the A-frame at the moment; she’s stable enough to sit up in the seat, and happy to cling on, but not sturdy enough to send flying, but she’s absolutely thrilled about it.

20130914-DSC_0043 20130914-DSC_0046 20130914-DSC_0048 20130914-DSC_0049

I could listen to her chatter away all day, her happiness is totally infectious, and when Kitty decides to hop into the next swing it’s the icing on the cake; Elma just adores her sister and spends most of the time looking up at Kitty as if to say “Look! Look at me! Look, I’m doing it too!”

Such a simple little thing, a swing in the playpark, but for Elma it made her day.  When she gets as big and tall as Kitty and just wants to go higher and faster I want to remember that once all it took was the tiniest nudge.


mummy daddy me


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8 Responses to Swing me just a little bit higher

  1. Anna-Marie says:

    Look how tiny she looks in the swing! so so cute!

  2. Shana Norris says:

    Gorgeous shots. Your daughter is precious and I love those stripes. What a great building in the background. Is that part of the park?

  3. These are gorgeous photos Carie, funnily enough LL had her first moments on the swing about 2 weeks ago and she loved it. I took photos too. I don’t know about you but I know with Mads I celebrated this milestones but I think with LL I am relishing them even more. Do you know what I mean? x

    • Carie says:

      Totally. I think there’s a consciousness to it because I don’t want her milestones to get swept up in family life just because she has an older sister and I’ve seen a baby crawl before. That and I’ve not got any less passionate about photography in the last three years!

  4. rebecca says:

    i love those first few trips to the park and how kids love to swing. theres something so freeing about the swings and for a second your flying maybe thats why kids love them so! i love the pics to she looks so excited!

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