So many of my posts lately seem to have been me chattering on about the weather. It’s made such an impact this winter that it’s not really surprising, “is it raining?” is the motto of so many of our days that it makes the dry moments, and even, if I dare whisper it, those rare shards of sunlight, all the more memorable.

It wasn’t exactly sunny on this little afternoon trip up to the swings, but it wasn’t definitively raining either, just blustery and cold, with waterproofs, hats and mittens being the order of the day, or at least they would be if Elma could be convinced to keep her hat on.

As these little sisters grow and grow, their relationship is blossoming.  Kitty may get intensely frustrated at Elma’s deep desire to be involved in everything, and we’ve had plenty of conversations this month about how Elma is not “ruining it Mummeeeeee!”, she’s just trying to join in, and the reasons why we do not snatch toys from our baby sister, but at the same time it’s abundantly clear that she adores her little sis.

I brought both of them into the house the other day and went back to the car for the shopping only to arrive back in the house to wails from Elma.  Kitty had decided that neither of them were comfy in their outdoor coats, and having removed her own, she’d gone to take off Miss Elma’s, by, in her mind, the most efficient method of pushing Elma onto her back to be able to unzip her that bit more easily!

She wants to take care of Elma, to make her laugh and to cherish her, and to her three year old mind that means doing as many as possible of the things that Mama does.  Kit loves to try to push the buggy, and when we were up at the park she decided that rather than have a go on the swings herself; she wanted to push her sister.

Space for the Butterflies - an eclectic handmade family life

Needless to say, Elma thought it was hilarious.

Space for the Butterflies - an eclectic handmade family life

She loves the swings anyway; whenever we get to the park her feet start twitching and kicking until I lift her up and send her flying, and what Kitty lacks in straight line technique, she apparently more than makes up for in novelty value and entertainment.

Space for the Butterflies - an eclectic handmade family life

I love that Kitty is prepared to take such time and care to make her sister happy, it makes me very very proud of her, and I can only hope that they stay as close friends in years to come as they are now.

Space for the Butterflies - an eclectic handmade family life

Two little sisters, in February.

dear beautiful

And just to whet your appetite even further, this month I’m sending you to Hayley who writes and takes the gorgeous pictures that make up Shutterflies.  Hayley’s pictures are just so inspiringly stunning that her blog is a real treat to me, and I can’t wait to see her pictures f0r this month!

As well as the ten of us hosting this lovely project, a whopping 60 of you joined in last month; which blows my mind just a little but also isn’t the least bit surprising – there’s always room for more too, so please do join in the linky below.

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44 Responses to Siblings – in February

  1. Mammasaurus says:

    Ahhhh! I remember my Kitty and Ozzy being the same age and loving the swings too. Such sweet photos, they really capture the bond between them x

  2. Oh! This is so familiar! We are having the same conversations with our eldest when little sister keeps ruining all her games! Well done for getting out in all this awful weather!!

    • Carie Carie says:

      Oh I’m glad it’s not just us! Poor little Elma just wants to copy her big sister – and for the most part Kitty welcomes her with open arms – as long as she’s doing what she’s told of course!

  3. Donna says:

    Such a lovely post! Your Daughters look so alike, they’re beautiful x

    • Carie Carie says:

      Thank you :-) They were incredibly alike as babies and are getting less so as they grow older but there’s no mistaking that they’re sisters!

  4. Lauren says:

    These are SO cute. I think jobs like pushing their baby sister/brother in a swing makes the older Sibling feel so important.
    Beautiful photos, really made me smile xx

  5. Chloe says:

    I can just imagine Arlo doing the same thing with trying to take coats off, etc. The intentions are very sweet, even if they don’t realise quite how rough they are being!

    • Carie Carie says:

      It’s so funny isn’t it, trying to explain that the intention is wonderful but the execution needs a bit of work!

  6. Oh I just love swings photos. It’s one way that you are practically guaranteed a nice, wide, genuine smile. It sounds like Kitty is a good little mother hen to her baby sister, I think big sisters can often be a bit like that, and I certainly remember doing it to my brother. It’s lovely that she love set so much, although we are also dealing with the trials and tribulations of younger sisters “ruining” everything. It’s tough isn’t it, when all they want to do if join in but they don’t quite do it “properly”. x

    • Carie Carie says:

      My two do just love the swings – it’s trying to get them in focus that’s the challenge!!

      And oh yes on navigating sibling playtime! I just love how confident Kitty is that I can make Elma do or not do something – it’s very flattering but entirely misplaced!

  7. Awww they look so happy and content in eachother’s company. I can’t wait until my two are old enough to do things like this together. xxx #siblings
    Vikki @ Love From Mummy

  8. Gorgeous photos, and I love Kitty’s hat. My daughter likes to push her brother in the swing, too – then she gets bored and wants her turn!

    • Carie Carie says:

      Thank you :-) it’s certainly an easier solution than trying to push two at different speeds at the same time!

  9. LauraCYMFT says:

    Aww how sweet. C used to laugh so much when her brother would push her in the baby swing and he’d pretend that she’d kicked him in the face when she came towards him.

    • Carie Carie says:

      Oh how lovely! Swings are just such a childhood classic I’m glad my two enjoy them (and that we have a great park to hand!)

  10. Coombemill says:

    Perfect sibling play and just look at all the fun they are having together in the fresh air! If you get a chance do join my Country Kids linky, it is all about enjoying the outdoors like this

    • Carie Carie says:

      You just can’t beat getting out and about in the fresh air – especially when we have to spend so much time cooped up with the rain at the moment!

  11. Jenny says:

    Love a good swing moment or two!!! Looks like Kitty is a great big sister! So cute to see them having so much fun together.

  12. Charlotte says:

    Beautiful photos, I love how she is pushing the swing – so sweet :) x

  13. Camille says:

    These photos are adorable and just so filled with love!

  14. Double Trouble says:

    Oh how sweet, beautiful photo’s. My two always want to be on the swing together so to see your older daughter pushing her little sister is so cute. It’s nice that you have managed to get out for a bit

    • Carie Carie says:

      Mostly they both want to be swinging but Kitty’s just started to see pushing as a viable alternative, which is great!!

  15. Lovely photos, I think the first one is so sweet with their big smiles.

  16. Swing photos are the best! They look so happy Carie. And your like me, all I have been doing is chatting about the weather too! x

  17. These are just lovely pictures!

    It looks like there is a similar age gap between yours as there is with mine. I remember the ‘she’s ruining it!!’ stage very vividly! x

    • Carie Carie says:

      It’s such a funny stage to try to manage because if I try to move Elma onto something else the next minute Kitty will be beckoning her back, ready for some new game that she’s a crucial part in!

  18. Ahh such lovely photos. Cherry is terrible at taking toys off J, or worse is when she is playing and he comes up and tries to grab it all. He only wants to join in but I can see how it must be annoying, not sure what the solution is other than to put him in a different room! x

    • Carie Carie says:

      If you ever find a solution let me know! At the moment I think time will probably do the trick, and we make sure to play special Kitty-only games when Elma’s napping which helps a little.

  19. Beautiful photos, Carie. Your girls are so lovely. I’m also a little bit in love with the way you write. Whenever a post from you pops up in my timeline, I always feel like I should grab a cup of tea and snuggle up on the sofa for a proper read. You paint pictures so, so well with just your words.

  20. Kelle says:

    I love a park photo.
    these are lovely xx

  21. Claire says:

    Lovely photos! Some of our favourite sibling moments take place at thew park too. Recently, they were on a boat swing which was great as all four could sit on it together! I need one in our garden! :-) xxx

  22. Charly Dove says:

    Such a wonderful post, they’re just adorable together. Love the photos – really capture how much they care for each other :)

  23. Pinkoddy says:

    I love the look of closeness in these pictures – the kind of siblings that will always look out for one another.